yep, they did it again..

It truly amazes me newspapers today waste print and ink on a lotta useless stuff… A pen is mightier than a sword they say, yet end up using this sword to slash peanut shells. The endless pages of print with their endless articles just show the endless determination of the writer swimming in the oblivion trying to prove the non-existent.

This happened sometime ago when a friend and i were sitting idle in college, nothing worthwhile to do when we picked up the newspaper lying in front of us. There it was, an article deciding the fate of two actors carefully weighing the odds and ends, comparing the achievements and talking of accomplishments as if the end of the article would spell doom for one and paradise for the other, for it was called “The clash of the Titans”!

So we started reading it, call us jobless but we started jotting down these points to see what this article was trying to prove after all… And we ended up with this…

dude!! if you had to give them a four-all, why did you go through all the pain!

For those of you pondering and wondering and identifying the traits of an old friend, yes.. you are right… it was Bangalore Times…you can always make something out of nothing isn't it...

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One Response to yep, they did it again..

  1. wassup dee dee!… keep it rocking doll!…enjoy your stay!

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