The Paradox

just a poem i wrote…

What rules are these, whose are these laws?
To keep your desire, there’s always a clause,
No place for love that lives in your heart…
They don’t let you choose the wheels to your own cart.
Is life really fair as you see it pass?
It isn’t that great after all, alas…
Everyone is reaping something they dint sow,
Who takes the prize, who takes the blow…?
You get punished for what wasn’t your fault,
And it locks you up in that horrific vault…
It steals away that you want as yours,
Till you can’t recognize even days or hours.
Can’t it be with me today and all the while?
Forever, no matter which way goes my life…
Forever, no matter what happens with time…
Why should I give up that which is mine?
I hope this doesn end just like a dream,
It hits you with the flash of its striking beam…
That I open my eyes to see it all gone,
Taking it all away, yet calls itself ‘dawn’

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One Response to The Paradox

  1. Nirmal says:

    oh hahaha!!!..stop it girl!..ROFL!

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