Advantage In

Strange are the ways of this world. Night and day these gurus talk about unity, friendship, love, affection, peace… these are very sanct words and are emotions that are hard to find. People, we all live in illusions that all is sweet and sugar around us, only a few realize what it really means to live in this world, a world where day in and day out people want to use each other and take advantage. The very reason for aquaintance whether in the form of friendship, relation or any other is the fact that the subconscious is always playing games. We are slaves to our subconscious that plays us and manipulates our very existance.

Every moment of your life someone is trying to use you and gain something out of it. Man is the only species that has the ability to react and respond in the form of feelings but adultration hasn’t been far away from human emotions too. False smiles, fake tears, worthless approvals, dishonest requests, phony appreciation… you’ll find it all come your way if you just observe life for a day. The creator never gave these emotions to animals and hence they are more sanct than man. No matter how superior man is as a species he miserably loses to animals in this respect. Atleast animals hunt, attack and kill with a direct intention.

A very sensible quote says, “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. Wondered why most of your best friends are the ones who are far away? The very fundamental reason is that a person far away from you cant use you to an extent. The relationship rests on feelings of missing each other and cherishing time spent together. May sound harsh, but if the same people were close to you, they wouldn be such great friends after all.

We’ve got to realize that after a certian point in life altruism loses its meaning and becomes just a mere word that sounds fancy. That’s when we must realize- I am my topmost priority. If you’ve found unconditonal love and affection from atleast some people then you certainly are one of the few lucky people who even come across such feelings.

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