the logic behind love???

I just stumbled upon this website that calculates love and compatibility between two people. Actually there are so many such sites on the net that claim to tell you if your relationship with another person will work or not!!!! like to name a few…

Now the crazy part here is this that a lot of people actually visit these sites and calculate their love!!! hahaha ‘m rolling! Some people always surprise me and I really don’t know how to react to such foolish acts! Anyways i thought let me see how this calculator actually works out a couple’s compatibility.

So if you know a little bit or C programming you’ve got your love logic right! Here goes the code for the original love calculator…


<!– Distributed by

Begin function calc() {

first = document.loveform.name1.value.toUpperCase();

firstlength = document.loveform.name1.value.length;

second = document.loveform.name2.value.toUpperCase();

secondlength = document.loveform.name2.value.length;

var LoveCount=0;

for (Count=0; Count < firstlength; Count++) {


if (letter1==’L’)


if (letter1==’O’)


if (letter1==’V’)


if (letter1==’E’)


if (letter1==’Y’)


if (letter1==’O’)


if (letter1==’U’)



for (Count=0; Count < secondlength; Count++) {


if (letter2==’L’)


if (letter2==’O’)


if (letter2==’V’)


if (letter2==’E’)


if (letter2==’Y’)


if (letter2==’O’)


if (letter2==’U’)




if (LoveCount> 0)

amount= 5-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount> 2)

amount= 10-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount> 4)

amount= 20-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount> 6)

amount= 30-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount> 8)

amount= 40-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount>10)

amount= 50-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount>12)

amount= 60-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount>14)

amount= 70-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount>16)

amount= 80-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount>18)

amount= 90-((firstlength+secondlength)/2)

if (LoveCount>20)


if (LoveCount>22)


if (firstlength==0 || secondlength==0)

amount= “Err”;

if (amount < 0)

amount= 0;

if (amount >99)



} // End –> </script>

Ok so guys who know programming I’m sure are already rolling on the floor!! For the rest of you, what this algorithm actually does it that it…

>> take one name: abc

>> compare abc with LOVEYOU. each letter

>> ifthe the letter in the name = L or O or V or E then add 2 to a stupid varaible called lovecount which is 0 at first

>> then with lovecount you have to find another variable called amt ( some stupid subtraction with avg length!!!)

And here you go, you’ve got your compatibility percentage! Sad isn’t it… To all the followers of online love calculators- think logically dudes!!! Love and Logic are two extremes!!! There cannot be a connection between the two!

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4 Responses to the logic behind love???

  1. Nirmal says:

    hey deedee, is it possible to overflow the amt variable for me?? please!

  2. divyad says:

    sure!!! just change your name to have more Ls and Os and Vs and Es!!! hahaha!!

  3. Manikandancr says:

    hello sis

    can u give me any idea about making logic for flames

    i hope u know abt flames working

  4. divya says:

    No bro! I found this one so interestingly stupid that I stopped bothering about the logic behind these!

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