I stop when I look at one of them,

Wondering what is it that they really care…

When I realize I’m stopping too often,

Because I see them everywhere.

What is it that you want to prove?

Can’t you see you’re drifting away?

Working so hard to impress them……

……All strangers at the end of the day.

Their applause is all that matters,

Assuring eyes you’re waiting to see……

Hunger for recognition is creeping in,

To me its just pointless greed.

You’re becoming self less and retarded,

You can’t see what you really need,…

You can’t even hear your ego……

Stopping you from using them to succeed.

Every second of your life you are dependent,

On approvals… its such a pity,

As blind as all the others in the crowd,

Walking towards suppositious destiny.

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