hey Martian read on!

This post may seem strange to be coming from a woman and a lot of women may not even agree with me! As i relaxed on my bed and let my thoughts wander something really peculiar hit me… I started thinking about myself and women in general… You know in a light moment without worries we humans suddenly tend to get this amazing gush of rationality and maturity and all that, which disappears i donno where when we need it the most! Anyways so i started observing some facts about we women and came to a conclusion… We are strange!!!!

ok here are some of the facts about us…

* we take everything that is said to us in the literal sense…by literal i mean “literal”. all of you must have come across situations at home when the moms don’t stop saying, “How could you even say such a thing!” and the dads don stop saying, “no honey i din mean it!”

* we women never have a problem if our men talk to a woman WE like! but if we don don like the woman, then yeah… the men are banned from even talking to them!

* we like attention… yes we like attention!!!! i mean we love attention… is that clear???? attention is important! heck its most important!

* some of the smallest and most trivial things are important to us. The details matter. The more attention paid to details the more we love it!

* if our man flirts with another woman, we hate it… if another man flirts with us… oh yeah we love it!

* in a cranky mood, we have the inborn talent and the capability to make a tantrum out of anything!!!! For example… (Boy: go to sleep honey, you look sleepy. Girl(in cranky mood): what did you just say?? you want me sleep? why you don feel like talking to me anymore??? Fine goodnight.) haha!

This list can go on but in the end all this and a lotta other stuff is what makes us women so special and so irresistible! Cheers to us!!!

For the women reading this, I’d love to hear what else you can think of about us, and the men, I’d love to read a comment on this!!!

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4 Responses to hey Martian read on!

  1. oranje says:


  2. Judy says:

    I think you are right. Women do have a strange way of going about things đŸ™‚ After all, we have to keep the men guessing… don’t we?????

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