just “okay”…

i was just hopping around and reading blogs… but what caught me today was a comment left at the end of the blogpost….

This was just another post made by Robert Scoble (Blog readers ought-ta know who he is, for the rest of them he is a very popular tech blogger)… so anyways the post i was reading about was where he talks about one thing mircosoft does better than google- research.

There was a long comment at the end of the post and i found it better than the post! i am pasting the comment below…

comment by John C. Welch

I have no doubt that the research team at Microsoft is doing cool stuff.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because to get from the lab to the customer, it has to go through the klein bottle that is the Microsoft addiction to consensus and everyone having a say. Any remote cool potential will be gutted, stomped on, and burned, so that it looks like everything else Microsoft does. Passionless, inoffensive, and, (worst of all), “okay”.

Microsoft is the king of “okay”. They may be the biggest, but they’re still the king of “okay”

No one remembers “okay”. You remember the first, the best, and occasionally, the last. But who the hell remembers the middle, even if it’s the biggest and/or lasted the longest?

Here’s one. Who designed that lamer strip mall you drive by on the way to work?

You don’t care, it’s “okay”. Hell, you don’t even remember the strip mall as anything but collection of shopts.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Mies van der Rohe
Sears Tower
The Golden Gate Bridge
Central Park

Those? Those you remember, because none of those were about “okay”. They were, and are, about passion.

Microsoft is like someone who knows how to play a piano, can read music perfectly, but they have no soul for music, no feeling. They can play what’s put in front of them, but they’ll never feel the crowd, never take a risk without a net.

In the end, who cares about Microsoft other making money? It’s the only thing they’ve ever been the best at.

Nice… isn’t it???

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2 Responses to just “okay”…

  1. Nirmal says:

    classic example – ZUNE

  2. Taylor says:

    True dat, but to be fair, Microsoft isn’t interested in being remembered after they’re gone as they are in not being gone at all. They care about being the standard. and ya can’t be the standard if you’re throwing in stuff that most people don’t need and leaving out stuff that many people do need and want.

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