oh baby! never saw this angle!

No matter how different we all are there’s one thing thats common between most humans… and thats the fact that its really really really hard to resist babies!!! these tiny little people can make any hard rock on earth melt cause they’re so tiny and cho cute and cho giggly and cho chubby and cho cchhhweeet… hahaha… yep you wont even realize when “ch” became the most often used syllable in your conversations!!!

but lets give you all a new perspective.. when i heard this i was amused and i was rolling on the floor!! simply cause its so weird for anyone to think on these lines!! so here it goes… the most weird perspective about our tiny little beings…

you grow up 20 year old… you think you are mature to take on the world

you go for a job

you become smart

you may become rich

you marry

and then comes the baby

the stupid thingy..you gotta treat it like a feather

you gotta go coochie coo all the time

you gotta act silly

and basically all humans enjoy it

and they think about their baby all the time

they go to work with their photos of the baby

they come back home and start playing with the baby

personally i think its a darned waste of time!!

and then when the baby grows up to be 16

the baby fucks around

smokes a cig

and you wonder what you did wrong

why is my baby acting like this

the baby curses you when he is 20

and you think- i gave him so much love


why is he treating me like this

man its a crazy world!

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3 Responses to oh baby! never saw this angle!

  1. Akash K says:

    Perceptions differ! I love babies a lot..esp the ones who are cute and beautiful:)

  2. Akash K says:

    I dunno where to post this(?)…..I don’t know you and I think that is not really the criteria to be an admirer. but after reading your poems I am stumped! You write amazingly well. There’s a lot of creativity in you. Your imagination is terrific! And I am happy to know that you are an Indian 🙂 God Bless You!

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