How come Adam is never teased?

The world is sure strange, its hard to believe that in the 21st century the condition of this world is so bad… I wonder why some people never want to change the way they think… it sure is hard for the “male” community to see a woman come up in life. Gone are the days of male supremacy, the woman today is at par with the man of today(actually i could even say the man of yesterday, cause one thing’s for sure… everything has changed except for the way they think).

Its seems very strange to me that whenever women have tried to do something, to show the world that they are made of steel too, there always has been criticism. She always has been laughed at, condemned and looked down upon… These thoughts came into my mind as i was trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle, my brother was teaching me how to ride and when i just happened to look up I saw this set of men who were looking at me like as if i had no business being there. I can speak their minds out right now… “Oh my God, what on earth is this girl trying to do, that’s a damn bike… she CANT ride that.. why is she even attempting it…”

The point here is this… some men just cant handle the fact that a woman can do what they think is supposed to be done only by them. On my way to work I see rickshaw drivers coming all over me as i drive my car as if to say that they own the road… I see other cheap, good for nothing types who have no other job than to roam about in ignorance and actually have the guts to just stop in front me as i drive waiting to see if i panic(well its a different thing that once i purposely acted like i’m gonna run over him and he fled for his life!)… I see men at the fuel station gimme a strange look…

As if all this kind of behaviour wasn’t enough, the women get a bonus prize too! I am talking about all the eve teasing that a girl has to constantly go through… phrases like “hello baby” or “wow what a figure” or “hello darling” linger in a girls ears all the time thanks to the constant effort from some overly romantic idiots on the road.

And this behaviour is everywhere, at work, in colleges and even over the internet… you name it, you got it… I just cant figure out why a man is not treated like this??? I am not generalizing anything here, of-course some people today do treat a woman with more integrity and respect. But its hard to even think of a world where such stuff will never exist… where the term “eve teasing” would never exist.

It would be great if some men and women commented on this issue about their thoughts on the same… for further reading here are two posts that convey two different views, one talks about “nothing has changed” and the other says “yes, the change is here

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