He was a driftless traveller

Sometimes we think we are reaching a goal but we may actually be moving in the opposite direction. I wrote this poem a while ago when i realized how a lot of times we look for solutions to our problems so aimlessly and start losing hope when we don reach somewhere without realizing that the very cause for us not finding that solution is our search for it.

He was a driftless traveler,

On a voyage to him unknown…

With a goal no better than a toddler,

He sauntered like an aimless drone.

With a hope of finding that one thing,

He wandered far and wide.

Like a church bell, something inside was ringing,

He felt like a desert… all-dry.

Dry like the winds of summer,

His blood rushed through his veins,

In his head was a cold-blooded drummer,

And the noise of howling trains.

He traveled through the sandy deserts,

And the mountains dressed with snow,

To the mighty oceans that saw no end,

And places he didn’t even know.

It was then that he realized this wouldn’t work,

There was something that he kept shunning.

He wouldn’t reach the shrine like this,

He knew that he was running.

Instinctively he stopped the vagrancy,

He had learnt the paltriness of his move.

Putting and end to his aimless journey,

He hit the nail right on the groove.

He closed his eyes and then let go,

He breathed with a rhythm divine.

He could now trace the path of his blood flow,

For, he had found peace of mind.

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