The Kernel Source

I am doing a project and it deals with kernel programming. In the course of this project i’ve realized how little documentation about the kernel source code is available, however the kernel is changing everyday and it would be impractical to expect a decent documentation that will clear all our doubts about the kernel.

The linux kernel is so huge that by the time one makes a document describing a certain version of the kernel, newer versions will be already be in use. But some parts of the kernel never change and through this blog i would just like to present some facts about the kernel that i hope will help everybody…

As a starter, we all know that even though linux is open source, the distributions do not give out the complete code, instead makefiles are present in the respective directories. Anyone programming with the kernel will be much happier with a code to refer.

Here are some links…

You can download the linux kernel code from .You can find all versions of the source code here.

For an online reference to the kernel use this link….

Well i guess that ends the first post!

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2 Responses to The Kernel Source

  1. Billy Jean says:

    hello there,

    could you please direct me where i could obtain kernel patches.

    much appreciated.

    Merci beaucoup

  2. divya says:


    you’ll find the patches too in the same link that i have given. however if you want specific patches it would help if you knew the author’s name for the patch. if you do, then just use this link:

    maybe i could help you more on this if you exactly told me what patch you are looking for.

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