can you let go?

all of us feel this way at some point or the other in our lives, that we are being chained, that we wanna break free… we feel something is holding us back, in one form or the other, and not letting us grow… guess its a phase and we grow out of it.


‘m standing here, ‘m looking at you…

I look at your eyes, I want answers from you…

Why are those eyes looking away from me?

What is it so bad that its hard to see?

‘m not a stranger, can you look at me straight?

What’s in that expression? Disgust or hate?

They look like complaints you have against me..

They look like mistakes you’re finding in me..

Am I changing the way you dislike?

Is it troubling you to learn that we’re not alike?

Take my place, try to see…

We’re in the same hive, but ‘m a different bee..

I see the world the way my eyes show them,

I wanna play it my way, though it’s the same game…

To you this might all sound very lame,

I know what ‘m doing, I can take the blame.

I am a different person, can you recognize that?

‘ll think my way, acknowledge the fact…

you showed me the way, you taught me to talk..

now let go of the hand, you’ve trained me to walk.

Let go, ‘m not going away…

Let go, I promise, ‘m here to stay…

Let go, I wanna do things my way…

Let go, ‘l be home at the end of the day.

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