Case-sensitivity in Google

Recently i was searching for some stuff on the net and I happened to realize this… The Google search engine, awesome tool and probably the most useful thing made since the bulb was invented had something missing!

I was looking for some stuff, lets assume, “Helloworld” and google gave me results for “helloworld” and “HelloWorld” and “Helloworld”… So i guess the Google Search Engine is not case-sensitive… I think if the engine provides case-sensitivity, the results could be more relevant to the user’s needs.

As far as i tried, i could only conclude that this kinda search cannot be done with google, however i’m not sure, but i’d love to know…

Does anybody know how case-sensitive strings can be searched with google?

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3 Responses to Case-sensitivity in Google

  1. Anu says:

    You could try the advanced search option, and search for the exact phrase “Hello World” as opposed to each word in the phrase. It works.. You’ll get only the results where “Hello World” is present. It’s not exactly case sensitive, but serves the purpose…!

  2. divya says:


    well thats what the post is about. yes it does give the required result but it isn’t filtered in the sense that it does include some results that i am not interested in.

    also: makes it clear.

    * Google is case insensitive, meanting that ‘gOoGle’ is the same as ‘GOOGLE’ and ‘google’
    * Search operators are case sensitive, meaning that ‘OR’ is not the same as ‘or’
    * Without using any operators, Google will show pages with all words first, trying to find the words in order
    * Google excludes common words (known as stop words) like ‘I’, ‘the’, ‘a’ etc
    * Pay attention to operators that must be used alone

    the very reason google took over other search engines was because of the relevance of its results which in this case does not hold good.

  3. divya says:

    Interesting comment by Abhinav Sinha:

    hey divya u say in ur blog that google is not case sensitive.
    justification : people r lazy, even to the point of botherin to hold the shift key down. internet thrives on te laziness on people. if it requuires them to be little more ‘unlazy’ they’ll reject it ourightly. evn i’m pretty lazy so i understand the importance
    next point. google displays the time taken for search completion down to fraction of secs. so they believe people value time to THAT extent(the secretly know how foolish we r for that). so obviously they ll not waste another fraction of sec to hold the shift key down. although this is quite foolish. i cant see wy they cant waste another sec of their already wasted life.
    and i dont think invention of bulb was that greta an invention

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