Microsoft and Open Source?????

Have you heard this news yet??? Changes seem to be happening in the Windows arena as curtains seem to be falling. Microsoft finally are ok with lets say, “peeping inside the Window”! (People familiar with open source will get this one!). I don’t need to say much to explain whats happening , but if you’ve clicked on that link already you’ve got my point.

Microsoft is embracing open source finally and Windows compatible open source software is ready to hit the market. While Microsoft has joined hands with open source, their diplomatic perspective on open source kind of puzzles me… While according to Microsoft, “Open source is neither an industry fad, nor a magic bullet. Rather, the development methods commonly encompassed by the term open source have provided customers and developers with additional options among many in the technology ecosystem.(read more here) the fact that they have opened doors (or rather say opened Windows!) is alarming!

I think this is a big step for open source that it will finally be able to reach a lot more people through the Windows platform. Though the focus maybe more towards business and enterprise solutions today, I don’t see it far away when a layman will be open to Open Office! However the other side of the coin strikes a little harder in my mind as I wonder if this is a game played by Microsoft to actually monopolize the open source market too, for all you know we might have a Microsoft Office for Linux very soon.

But against all odds I think its a big step taken for open source specially with the announcement of the Spike Ignited Drupal Stack for Windows . Being an employee of SpikeSource, I am very proud today!

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