Somebody should have told us


This is a poem inspired by the tsunami disaster that happened in India and neighboring countries on 26th dec 2004.These are the words of a six year old boy who lost everything in the disaster. In this poem I’ve tried a hand at writing in a way that a would express the thoughts of a child.


It was a usual and pleasant morning,

The sun was out of the sea,

My sister and I were playing,

And daddy was having tea.

Suddenly the winds got stronger,

The sea was a roaring bear,

The waves were becoming “longer”,

And daddy said-“ they’re shifting their gear”.

Mommy came running and held us,

Tighter than she ever held me before,

Everything around was a circus,

There was water all over the shore.

And then something horrible came,

We were thrown all over the place,

Waves that nobody ever could tame,

So high that they could reach the space.

Here I am, to a tree bark clinging,

I see people flowing away,

Mommy is flowing and screaming,

And daddy seems to be nowhere.

Now who will sing me sweet lullabies?

And give me a goodnight kiss?

Who will scold me for those small lies?

Who will I play with without sis?

Will mommy come back and hold me?

Will daddy comfort me in the cold?

How will I live without daddy and mommy?

I’m only six years old.

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6 Responses to Somebody should have told us

  1. abhinavsinha says:

    this poem’s pretty bad divya

  2. divya says:


    Yep, but its written this way on purpose! I wrote it long ago… the point is THIS is how it would be if a 6 year old wrote it, trying to express intense feelings in simple child vocabulary…

  3. abhinavsinha says:

    its pretty gud.. was jus seein if people accept such comments

  4. divya says:


    Oh! guess i do! 🙂

  5. Vishal says:

    you guys are seriously bored man.
    Nice poem deeds.

  6. divya says:


    hehehehe 🙂

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