The Hollow

I sense emptiness in my eyes,

When a breeze of wind hits my face…

My skin trembles as it touches me,

As a cold chill without grace…

I long for that touch to be yours,

But alas, its all just in the air…

Its not you that has made me tremble today

Its not your hand that begins to play.

I shiver… so hollow, looking straight,

Desperate, seeking a sight of you…

Staring at emptiness without a clue,

Vacuum, so dark, under the hood of a wraith.

I look harder, to find the light of your eyes,

I tell myself this darkness is just lies,

I remind myself of all those ties,

I convince myself that darkness is just passing by.

These eyes are still empty, and full in a way…

I try to stop them, they don’t stay…

Before I realize, they’re flowing away…

And making me empty, yet another day.

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2 Responses to The Hollow

  1. bkpavan says:

    Hey nice one!

    Probably u need cold cream, a leather coat, a torch and new glasses

  2. divya says:


    Thanks! Also-
    * I have cold cream!
    * I don have a leather coat, and I like surprise gifts!
    * Torch— hmmm i’ll buy that!
    * My glasses are very cool!

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