WordPress does it in style!

I’m sure all wordpress users cant get enough if it and will totally agree with the fact that this is
*THE* coolest blog provider! Be it themes, widgets, functionality, management or support… wordpress does everything in a very classy manner!

Recently I was trying to find out if there is a URL that can directly take me to my recent posts, so what I did was hit https://divyad.wordpress.com/recent which unfortunately does not actually exist.. Obviously I would see one of those bland 404 error pages but here I din’t see that this time. What popped up on my browser window was something totally interesting, see it for yourself by clicking that link above!

Classy, innovative, interesting.. afterall its WordPress!

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3 Responses to WordPress does it in style!

  1. divya says:

    This post is now obselate!! tha magic doesn happen anymore…

  2. thats cause it was only on the previous theme.

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