Useful GRE Preparation Resources

I am writing this post because when I went on a hunt for GRE resources I always had a problem getting all the information in one place. So here goes, when we start preparing for GRE we are usually confused about which way to go. This is for people who write the GRE test without enrolling at coaching centres. Some quick resources would be:

  1. Enroll for the free GRE online test prep at .Number2 is an awesome website that has tutorials for every section with practice questions. It is a well organized way to keep track of your preparation status. Also Number2 has a very useful vocabulary builder which presents new words to the test takers as well as keeps track of words mastered, words gotten wrong etc.
  2. Math is not the hard part of GRE. It is pretty reasonable when it comes to the complexity of questions, mostly a recap of what we’ve learnt in high school.
  3. Vocabulary is challenging and we all to need to work on it. Doing well in the vocab section solely depends on how many words we know. Some useful books that will increase your vocab and at the same time spare you from learning 3000 odd words are:
    • ARCO WORDS for Smart Test-Takers by Mark Alan Stewart
    • Webster’s NewWorld Power Vocabulary by Elizabeth Morse-Cluley & Richard Read.
    • If you have lots of time to prepare, All About Words by Maxwell Nurnberg and Morris Rosenblum would be a good book to pick up.
  4. Try and get a copy of “Cracking the GRE“by Princeton Review. Things are explained in simple terms here. A must have I would say.
  5. Make sure you get your copy of the GRE PowerPrep from ETS. If you dont get it in time, shoot mails to them, they’ll send it.
  6. also provides test practice online here . These questions are good to practice.
  7. Get the list of essays for GRE and skim through them while practising a few.
  8. Signup for “Word of the Day” at and Merriam Webster.

This much should get you well prepared for GRE!

Update 04/08/09- I recently got an email that my post has been included with a list of others to form “The Ultimate Guide to the GRE: 100 Free Tools, Practice Tests and Resources”.  The compilation is great and can very well become the only place you need to go to find GRE resources.  The link to this page is

Hope this helps my readers!

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16 Responses to Useful GRE Preparation Resources

  1. Good information. I also like The Princeton Review’s GRE Word Smart for the GRE. It does not list as many words as some other books do, but the quality of the list is quite high, as are the definitions.

  2. divya says:


    I’m sure this added information will help a lot of people!

    Readers of this post:
    here’s another useful link…

  3. anshu says:

    Hey guys

    I recently found a website called
    which was very helpful for me. It was great online practice because they had tons of practice material and it was very realistic. they also have a detailed performance analysis to tell you exactly where your weaknesses are so you can help yourself better. anyways, i hope it helps you out as much as it has for me.

  4. Mike Davidson says:

    Hey, I bought package C from about 2 weeks ago. Their software has helped me so much, I can’t even tell you! I really recommend their products!!!

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  6. Peter Collins says:

    for excellent GRE information visit:

  7. Rahul says:

    Will suggest students preparing for GRE to use Mnemonics for preparing word list.

    check :

    which contain small memory aids which can help you in learning words faster.

  8. BaLs says:

    Thanks Divya, i found the through your post. Its really great site for GRE.

  9. Ibrahim says:

    Thanks Divya,

    This article has been very helpful,i have been studying the Kaplan GRE guide. i am taking the GRE next month.

  10. Hitesh Agarwal says:

    Have found an interesting site which offers GRE words meaning, antonym, synonym and sentence usage through SMS. This can help to learn the GRE Words. You can check this out at:

  11. Great general info on the GRE as well as a study plan!! check it out

  12. Mohammad says:


    Here is good vocab link

  13. GRE TEST says:

    Thanks for share! I think it is really useful for everyone…

  14. Farzin says:

    Most of my friends who have taken GRE general , recommend barron’s & Kaplan books for both quantitative and verbal.

  15. Mark says:

    Thanks for the share! It was useful. If you have an Android phone, I recommend sTutor for GRE. It is one of the best GRE apps for Android.

  16. Hello, I was considering getting products from because of its price and online access which make it more interactive than a book. Has anyone used them successfully in recent years? Thanks, SR

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