Wrong words said at a wrong time
Overflowing words in expectations of silence
Silence when you long for some noise
Opinions, when listening is your job
Listening, filled with interruptions
Time, lost in a battle of nothing
Emptiness, vaccum,
The remains of a war.
Time, lost in apologies.
Apologies, words wasted
Patches where emptiness resides.
Me, you, him, her
Reactions, replicas
Me and myself
Crystal clear, thoughts pure
Me, my listener
My poet
Me and myself
Drunk, clean, high
High above, unreachable.
In peace, me and myself.

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7 Responses to Not

  1. Bharath says:

    This is such a great poem

  2. nirmal says:

    this poem totally rocks! one of my favourites….

  3. divya says:


    Thanks! so which other poems do you like???

  4. nirmal says:

    every poem you’ve written girl

  5. cardona507 says:

    very beautiful

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