SpikeWAMP- the newest WAMP stack in town

Recently SpikeSource released the first version of their free WAMP stack. Like all WAMP stacks this too bundles Apache, PHP and Mysql. So what is so special about this one? A very unique feature about this stack is that it comes with a few PHP applications built into it as add-ons. People mostly download WAMP because they usually want to host some form of opensource application like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc  which work out of the box with LAMP.

So this is where SpikeSource went one step ahead from the other WAMP vendors and built a few applications into the core stack. This structure of the stack makes it easy for users to deploy any application of their choice without any headache. Also a stack like this is much easier to maintain, considering the number of applications available. So you want to install Drupal? No problem! get SpikeWAMP and just enable the add-on for Drupal an forget about all the configurations tweakings necessary. And whats more? Its free!

Download SpikeWAMP here and give it a try!

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