If you had a choice to live, would you kill it?
If you promised to die, would you live by it?
If God came to you, would you believe him?
If you knew its a dream, would you wake up?
If you knew the road led to heaven, would you stop and live?
If the nightmare was real, would you go to sleep?
If its the last piece of bread you had, would you eat it?
If God broke your faith, would you fight him?
If you had to jump off from heaven, would you come back to this world?
If you were dying tomorrow, would you be sad today?
If you din’t care, would you care not to care?
If you had no emotions, would you be indifferent?
If you lost track of time, would you wait or hurry?
If your words poisoned you, would you still speak?
If you swallowed a diamond, would it make you rich?
If you liked it, would you still question it?
If your mask deceives you, would you still wear it?
If you had only one choice, would you refuse to choose it?

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5 Responses to If

  1. vishal says:

    (Thums up)I like it!
    (Add to favorites, show me more like this)

  2. Swaroop says:

    love the poem…

  3. Nirmal says:


  4. sajwan says:

    nicely put!

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