Install Skype on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) + configure sound

Here are a  quick set of steps to install skype on Ubuntu 8.04.

  • Download skype static from here
  • Execute the following commands at the terminal:

$tar -xvf skype_static-

$mv /yourpath/skype_static- /usr/share/

$ mv skype_static- skype

$ cd skype/

$ cp skype /usr/bin/

$ rm /etc/dbus-1/system.d/skype.conf

$ cp /usr/share/skype/skype.conf /etc/dbus-1/system.d/

$ skype

Sound configuration:

  • Execute the command below in a terminal

$ apt-get install alsa-firmware

  • Open volume control and click on File -> Change device. Make sure the Alsa mixer is selected.
  • Click on Edit -> Preferences and check microphone, mic boost, internal mic boost — whatever applicable
  • Try a skype test call!
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41 Responses to Install Skype on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) + configure sound

  1. Sahil Ramani says:

    Hey DD,
    Awesome post! Although i wonder if it’d be easier to install the deb package instead.

    But this is a more generic solution…

    – Sahil

  2. divya says:

    Yo Sahil!

    Yeah installing with the deb would be easier, though on 64 bit OS, this would be ideal in addition to the 32 bit libraries. Also, when I figured out this method of installation, skype beta (with video and stuff) had just released and it wasn’t available with apt-get and the deb also gave some problems as far as I remember (I have AMD you see!).

    Anyways…. :-)A more geeky way of getting skype up and running!

  3. Olli says:

    Does not work here. Skype doesent even show Alsa. The only option, Pulseaudio doesent work as we know so far.

    Also, the Perfect Setup is scam!

    Now I should google how can I get rid of pulse audio on Hardy..? 🙂

  4. divya says:


    I’m not sure whats going wrong though the pulseaudio problem maybe causing alsa not to be detected…

    I’m sure it works!

  5. norman says:

    Skype installed easily in Ubuntu Hardy.
    Using Alsa mixer the test message works OK.
    But when in contact with a caller the audio is not duplex as with Skype in Windows. How to change to duplex??
    Volume is also low even though set at maximum – using Asus Laptop – wifi.

  6. tcltk says:

    thanks a lot

  7. I did all google found fixes and had same ” Problem with audio playback “. BUT, if you right click on Skype icon on panel, go to Options, Sound Devices and try all of the ” Sound Out Options ” you will find one of them that will work, has worked on 2 PC’s one with 7.10 other with 8.04. Hardware 0 seems to work well. Thanks for your post, got me thinking.

  8. divya says:


    Oh thats great. Probably you had alsa firmware already installed. Thanks for your comments.

  9. silkko says:

    mv: cannot move `/home/silkko/skype_static-′ to `/usr/share/skype_static-′: Permission denied

    i keep getting this error, i use ubuntu 8.04

  10. divya says:


    $ sudo mv /home/silkko/skype_static- /usr/share/skype_static-

    • g says:

      Hello there,
      I am using ubuntu 8.04.
      I would like to set up the webcam on this and I am not able to.
      The webcam I am having is Creative live cam video IM pro (VF0230.
      Do you know if ubuntu 8.04 support this. And if then commoands should I do to make it work..
      I am kind of new to Linux so please give me line by line instructions..
      I really appreciate your help,
      Thanks, Gaurav

  11. rosa says:

    Hi you’all, this is R. in Boston, first time Linux user (hardy heron) trying desperately to install Skype in order to be able to communication with my boyfriend back home.

    I typed this in the terminal: “$ sudo apt-get install Skype” & entered my sudo password. I got a good reaction: “reading package lists & building dependency trees,” etc. But then I got a line that said: “0 upgraded, 0 newly installed” and then nothing. I have skype static donwloaded, but am not sure what to do at this point. Thanks for humoring my bumbling questions.

    Cheers, RM

  12. divya says:

    That means the installation is done. Just hit Alt+F2 and type skype… skype will launch….

  13. rosa says:

    Thank you so much for that help! One more question: From my searches it looks like there is not video support for Linux’s SKype version yet. Is this true? How long do we think until we can video conference? Thanks and take care.


  14. divya says:

    There is video support for skype on linux… you just need to have the right drivers.

  15. Arn says:

    I get this error:
    ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:874:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave
    Any ideas? Thanks 🙂

  16. pendulum_bob says:

    Great post. Thanks!

  17. charles says:

    I couldn’t find a package for
    $ apt-get install alsa-firmware

    I did find that ubuntu had a
    $ apt-get install alsa-firmware-loaders

    Worked fine from there on.

  18. Raoul says:

    I am running Hardy Heron 64-bit, and this didn’t work for me until I installed the 32-bit libraries using
    $sudo apt-get install ia32-libs. It seems to work fine now. Just posting this in case anyone else has the same problem that I did.

    Oh yes, great post, thanks.

  19. Bones80 says:

    aplay -l gives card 0:SB[HDA ATI SB], device 0:ALC268 Analog [ALC268 Analog]
    subdevice #0:subdevice
    Skype plays sounds but does not get sound from mic.
    Toshiba laptop

  20. Stefax says:

    I can’t hear the other abonats but they hear me :S where is the problem ?

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  23. David says:

    Thanks a lot for the instruction on how to install Skype! really saved me there

  24. jezuh says:

    Gracias por el aporte, realmente pensaba que no funcionaba el skype en hardy. Todo perfecto. Repito, muchísimas gracias.

  25. Volomike says:

    At the time of my post, it’s March 8, 2010. I have Ubuntu 8.04.4 and am testing out the new Skype Beta static. Following these instructions with that static download, I was finally able to get sound to work properly with Skype. Also, the new Beta 2.1 lets me do screensharing with the proper screensize, which was not working in version 2.0.

    So, thanks! 🙂

  26. b0rg says:

    Very helpful guideline to installing skype on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Many thanks for it. Cheers! 🙂

  27. nara_online says:

    lady, you saved this netbook from being thrown out the window 🙂
    i’m not familiar with linux, but am running off gOS. the netbook came bundled with skype but somehow i uninstalled it. after trying to re-install skype off and on for the past 3 months, i was finally successful after following your commands (as of June 17, 2010 skype static is: skype_static- wohoo!

  28. miggy says:

    Thank you Divs..

  29. Sathish Menon says:


    Good one!
    Steps 6-7 are not mandatory? I skipped and still it worked.

    Many thanks for the guideline.
    Sathish Menon

  30. Synth says:

    Sadly all I get when I pop the first lot of Commands into terminal is ‘Command not found’


  31. yodoc says:

    Total newbie here, so please bear with me.

    In the terminal commands, do I type the dollar sign ($) even though I see one on the terminal?

    what do I put in place of “yourpath” in the second command line?

    Please talk down to me, I don’t actually do this enough to actually remember anything so I have to start from scratch every time.

    • divya says:


      No you dont type “$” in the terminal… Thats just to say all these are commands.
      “Yourpath” is just the path to the directory where you downloaded and untarred the skype tarball. If its all in the current directory where you are, then you dont need the “yourpath” part at all. Just copy whatever was untarred into /usr/share.

      Just out of curiosity, which Ubuntu version are you using? The latest one is 11.10… Just making sure you’re not using 8.04 cause that released 4 years ago.

  32. Old Brad says:

    This doesn’t work any more because the current versions from the Skype website now require a later version of libc which is impossible to install into Hardy 8.04, thank you Skype for locking us out.

  33. Saurabh says:

    Thanks for help on installing skype on hardy.
    I tried to follow your instructions, and I found that currently the version available on the link which you gave is:

    On installing and running it, I get the following messages:

    skype: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11′ not found (required by skype)
    skype: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.9′ not found (required by skype)
    skype: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.10′ not found (required by skype)

    Looks like this version is not compatible with hardy.

    Am I missing something? Any suggestions?


  34. Gustavo says:

    $ lsb_release -idrc
    Distributor ID: Ubuntu
    Description: Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS
    Release: 8.04
    Codename: hardy
    $ dpkg -l | grep skype
    ii skype-mid Skype for MIDs

    All works fine but… dont support connection with proxy 😦

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