Quiet my child
Talk no more, or hell will rise
Talk no more today.

Don’t scream my child
Your voice will die, gods will cry
Scream no more today.

Stop my child
You are fighting withered stones
Fight no more today.

Close your eyes and pull the chord
And the world is yours
Far away from petty lives
In dreams of heaven
No wars, no scars.

Hush my baby
Its time for peace
Just close your eyes and fall asleep
Speak no more today.

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One Response to Hush

  1. Ratan Sharma says:

    Hey Divya, your imaginations soar way above the mountains which is why you can see down below just like the eagle with its eyes that so well glow. Your inner depth is extremely strong and very tangible to the real world. Peace and tranquility is the real need of the hour and you have phrazed your poem that no amount of english could explain this better. Congratulations!!! Brilliant Poetry!

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