SpikeWAMP – Part ii

It was not too long ago that I blogged about SpikeWAMP here, SpikeSource has made a release for SpikeWAMP 1.4 beta recently. This time, they have gone one step ahead and created application installers for Drupal, Gallery and phpBB. These application installers do not limit its users to one app but allow installation of the other two through the updater. So the users don’t need to download the stack each time.

Right now they are out with 3 application with more in the pipeline. Significant changes for this releases are:

  • Application installers (Drupal, phpBB, Gallery and more coming soon!)
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 and Vista.
  • Significant changes on the platform.
  • Works with Windows Server 2008 certification ready!
  • Latest versions of Apache and PHP
  • New crisp look.

For more information about SpikeWAMP, click here. What’s more? They are available for free download here.

With a continued effort from by SpikeSource, opensource software is now ready to take off on the Windows platform too. These quality installers are worth giving a try!

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One Response to SpikeWAMP – Part ii

  1. sanjeev says:

    awe-inspiring, your whole self presented on these various links.

    I just don’t get one thing, why is it here in the first place?

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