Penning thoughts that once
flowed like a stream amidst
mountains, valleys and crevices,
Of the mind that
once opened to cloudy skies,
and caught words on its tender palms…
like the first raindrops of summer,
and trickled into the skin
like distant memories of love.


Penning thoughts that once
absorbed and settled
into the finest roots,
of the mind that
smiled at the scent of dirt,
and intoxicated the soul.
Like a fresh summer breeze
caressing and playing games…
with soft curls on a beautiful face


Penning thoughts that now
are struggling to sing,
personify, alliterate, rhyme
to leave the mind,
determined to break free
and reach out to the universe
where beauty still awaits
with a smile on its face..
to dance the forgotten dance again.
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9 Responses to Rusty

  1. Aparna says:

    Very Nice Divya 🙂

  2. There is this element of sadness that has been beautifully captured! Great going!

  3. cool!! very nice and well awaited.

  4. Akshay V K M says:

    Like this too.. It captures the feeling of a struggling writer or poet…

  5. Your personal blog, “Rusty | Curiouser and curiouser!
    ” was indeed well worth writing a comment on!
    Just needed to admit you actually did a very good work.

    Many thanks -Kassie

  6. Beautiful, Divya! Processor design, photography, dance, and poetry. What a renaissance woman you are! -Cyrus

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