Shades of Grey

Blue skies, breezy summer waves
Made way for shades of grey
So foggy and blinding, he couldn’t say
In his mind, t’was a cloudy day

At first he was enticed;
Almost smitten! by new found space
Blinded, he never realized,
The Parasite was setting base.

Patterns intricate, he saw
Of crochet, delicately laced
Never stopping to stare and squint
Cobwebs, in his mind were being placed.

Of crawling spiders, soft and slow
And webs that blocked his path,
Of poisoned creepers that gently grew
Intertwining the aftermath.

An aftermath of misfortune
and winds that whirled so fast
Shaking, breaking, spinning around
The day when trust was lost.

Lost in the battle of the foggy mind
Paranoia found its way
Breaking his sanity little by little
Friendship walked away.

Creepers crowding more and more
And webs intertwining them all,
They now crept into his helpless heart
Love had taken a fall.

Covered in numerous shades of grey
Emptiness to take him through,
Broken bonds and a battled crew
The sinister Parasite grew.

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