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Love’s labour lost!

Guys, how about sending this to your woman?! I found this picture online and think its really amazing, actually amazingly blunt! Advertisements

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Wickedly happy

Look… into my eyes Not here, not there, look straight my dear I’m watching you, and I can see you That blind stare wont get you here That blind stare filled with fear That blind stare without a tear. You’re … Continue reading

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WordPress does it in style!

I’m sure all wordpress users cant get enough if it and will totally agree with the fact that this is *THE* coolest blog provider! Be it themes, widgets, functionality, management or support… wordpress does everything in a very classy manner! … Continue reading

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Case-sensitivity in Google

Recently i was searching for some stuff on the net and I happened to realize this… The Google search engine, awesome tool and probably the most useful thing made since the bulb was invented had something missing! I was looking … Continue reading

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oh baby! never saw this angle!

No matter how different we all are there’s one thing thats common between most humans… and thats the fact that its really really really hard to resist babies!!! these tiny little people can make any hard rock on earth melt … Continue reading

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war of words?

Hmmm… sometimes we come across some of the most strange things but so apt for the moment! Again as my usual sit-back-and-ponder-about-the-facts-of-life process began today, i started thinking about how we all are used to making issues out of trivial … Continue reading

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hey Martian read on!

This post may seem strange to be coming from a woman and a lot of women may not even agree with me! As i relaxed on my bed and let my thoughts wander something really peculiar hit me… I started … Continue reading

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