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How to get rid of tavo.exe, kavo.exe trojan

Most frivolous Windows users would have had their antivirus shouting at some point of time with a message “Alert! A virus was found” and then popping windows that mention “kavo.exe”. kavo.exe is a smart trojan that installs and autorun.inf in … Continue reading

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Elisa – The Open Media Center

I’m not sure if too many people know about Elisa, quite frankly it is quite amazing that something as wonderful as Elisa is not in the limelight(as yet!). For a quick and brief introduction, Elisa is a sleek next generation … Continue reading

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SpikeWAMP – Part ii

It was not too long ago that I blogged about SpikeWAMP here, SpikeSource has made a release for SpikeWAMP 1.4 beta recently. This time, they have gone one step ahead and created application installers for Drupal, Gallery and phpBB. These … Continue reading

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Install Skype on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) + configure sound

Here are a  quick set of steps to install skype on Ubuntu 8.04. Download skype static from here Execute the following commands at the terminal: $tar -xvf skype_static- $mv /yourpath/skype_static- /usr/share/ $ mv skype_static- skype $ cd skype/ $ cp … Continue reading

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Windows installers for Linux distributions

Much talk has been happening about Wubi that is going to be a part of Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron. Wubi is a utility that allows installation of Ubuntu through Windows! What’s more? You can uninstall it using Add/Remove Programs … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 7.10 (Popular) Repository Guide

Here are some of the most popular applications used on Ubuntu, their repositories and installation… Google Picasa deb testing non-free $wget $apt-key add $apt-get update $apt-get install picasa Medibuntu deb gutsy free non-free $wget -q reading

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How to display ANY view in the advanced profile page in Drupal

Recently I came across a new module in Drupal, Advanced profile. This module is cool because it hooks up with a bunch of other modules and helps you get a really good user profile setup. It also has a nice … Continue reading

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