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SpikeWAMP- the newest WAMP stack in town

Recently SpikeSource released the first version of their free WAMP stack. Like all WAMP stacks this too bundles Apache, PHP and Mysql. So what is so special about this one? A very unique feature about this stack is that it … Continue reading

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Install Skype 2.0 beta on Ubuntu Gutsy(7.10) AMD64

The best way get skype 2.0 on Ubuntu 7.10 with AMD64 is to download the source instead of the the debian file. Also note that you may need the libraries that I have mentioned here Download the static file from … Continue reading

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Install Skype on Ubuntu AMD 64

Installing Skype on Ubuntu 7.10 is not as easy if are running it on AMD 64… Here are the steps you need to follow: Install 32 libraries: sudo aptitude install lib32asound2 ia32-libs-gtk ia32-libs-kde Get the debian package for from the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu codename baptism!

Ever since Ubuntu released its first version, its been known for its strange and interesting choice of names! Ubuntu, in African means “humanity towards others” and what could be a better name for an opensource community project! The first version … Continue reading

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Useful GRE Preparation Resources

I am writing this post because when I went on a hunt for GRE resources I always had a problem getting all the information in one place. So here goes, when we start preparing for GRE we are usually confused … Continue reading

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Medibuntu stands for Multimedia, Entertainment and Distractions In Ubuntu. Its is a package repository that contains packages that you wont find in the Ubuntu package repository. It has packages for playing restricted formats, external binary codecs packages, skype, google earth … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Open Source?????

Have you heard this news yet??? Changes seem to be happening in the Windows arena as curtains seem to be falling. Microsoft finally are ok with lets say, “peeping inside the Window”! (People familiar with open source will get this … Continue reading

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