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Strings… Ribbon across my placid mind Blindfolding, and entangling me Slithering thoughts long to escape Stay frozen like a winter lake Snaking and crawling in pursuit Of a medium, a medium unknown…   In the commotion of this rain In … Continue reading

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Of simple things, and silly joys, Not diamond rings, but playful coys Grasping how such instant bliss Came upon me with your teasing kiss! In carnations, and in roses searched, Amidst poems my longing eyes were perched, But then you … Continue reading

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Shades of Grey

Blue skies, breezy summer wavesMade way for shades of greySo foggy and blinding, he couldn’t sayIn his mind, t’was a cloudy day At first he was enticed; Almost smitten! by new found spaceBlinded, he never realized,The Parasite was setting base. … Continue reading

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(Solved) vnc4server on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)

Im posting this because I spent a lot of time trying multiple things to get vnc4server up and going on the Ubuntu 11.1 system. Most people suggest using x11vnc, which does work out of the box but does not support … Continue reading

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The new macbook

Owning a Macbook is just a lot of fun. Its this amazing thing that you can flaunt away! But today I am jealous because Apple just went ahead and released the new Macbook which I must say is the best … Continue reading

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