The page contains some pointers, links, facts and explanations.

Install Picasa on hardy (Ubuntu 8.04)

Install skype on Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) + Configure sound

Windows installers for Linux distributions

Ubuntu 7.10 (popular) repository guide

The Kernel Source :Some links to the source code of the linux kernel.

Compiling Older Linux kernels- Preparations : What you need to do in order to successfully compile an older kernel.

Compiling the Kernel :Quick and consise guide to kernel compilation.

Linking C++ to C code using gcc : A quick tutorial on how you can work with C and C++ code together, like linking a C library to C++ code.

Quick Bugzilla Tutorial: A short and quick tutorial to make you familiar with Bugzilla and how to use it.

Medibuntu: A quick 3 step guide to add the Medibuntu package repository.

Drupal and phpbb Integration: Steps to enable phpbb forums in drupal.

Install Skype on Ubuntu Gutsy-7.10 AMD 64:Skype installation for AMD 64 running Ubuntu 7.10

Install Skype 2.0 beta on Ubuntu Gutsy(7.10) AMD64 Skype 2.0 installation on AMD64 running Ubuntu 7.10

How to display ANY view in the advanced profile page in Drupal Drupal’s advanced profile module is new and hot! But right now it has its limitations. Here’s a useful hack.

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  1. Aareet says:

    Poetry and UNIX. A most alluring combination. You have a new subscriber.

  2. Sridhar Lukka says:

    GOOD Thanks for u r information

  3. Nirjhar Oberoi says:

    Very nice and wonderfully laid blog you have here..

    I just admire girls who r interested in Open Source and all the related ..

    Keep up the gud work..

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