Standing at life’s crossroads, A triad of directions to stare The right, the wrong, and the duty A dilemma of choices unfair? Paths cross, roads meet… While a dawdling thought trickles How did I land here? I wonder, I was … Continue reading

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A Romantic Confabulation

This is what happens when two poets chat, yes this was a chat conversation between me and a friend! Im naming the characters as Christine and Raoul after “Phantom of the Opera” and saving this amazingly poetic conversation that sounds so much like its straight of the play.

Raoul: how have you been my love

Christine: very good,  and how have you been my lovely love

Raoul: i’ve been happy, but I’ve missed you sorely

Christine: why so?

Raoul: but now that you’re here, my heart is full of cheer,

and I don’t need to fear, all that’s new to me

cos you”ll be by my side, and i’ll be by yours too

one step at a time, loving naturally

Christine: Oh my darling, you’re so dear,

So far away, yet so near…

Your love to me  is crystal clear…

In a special way, my life you steer…

Raoul: i’m glad I’ve been your guide, in the special way you know..

but in guiding you i’ve fallen, for you’re loving tender glow…

I try to touch your face, when you come into my dreams,

but all I hear is your whisper, telling me you love me…

i wish you were here, oh how i madly wish you were here!

Christine: To listen to this, my ears have longed…

Your love so gentle, yet so strong…

I can hear you whisper silently,

And you visit me in most special dreams…

Your touch can spin my life around,

your voice fills my life with musical sounds..

Come to me and forever stay..

In every breath Ill sweep you away…

Raoul: swept away, im swept away,

and I cannot bear the burden no more,

i’m coming, i’m on my way and when I reach,i’ll forever stay..

and in your loving embrace , live or die, a beautiful promise of a wonderful life…

i’ll hold you close and closer still…and only my heart beating hear you will..

to tenderly reassure and keep you safe..close to me..forever, now..and forever more…

Christine: Oh my life has blossomed now..

Like roses and tulips I smile away…

As you enter my life like a shiny beam,

I pinch myself to make sure its not a dream…

Its not a dream, I say to myself…

And from today, life’s going to go so swell…

A knight has come to rescue me,

With a shining armor and a sword so keen..

As I ride along with him by me..

Into heavenly bliss I break free…

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A dream unfolds, of stories untold

Brightness, that golden luster.

For a moment I am blinded

Freezing my thoughts, calming my soul.

Slowly, gently – the luminosity unfolds

the mystic world in its nutshell,

Of a choir of golden voices,

Of webbed patterns in neon brights,

Of angels guided in musical bliss,

An epitome of synchronicity.

The brilliance spreads out in ripples

As I make my first contact

With this world I dreamed of

My mind is pure and peaceful

As I break contact from the outside

To reconnect with myself

In a sway and a trip and a twirl and a whirl

I dance my heart out

While my body and soul unite

To become what really is me.

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Solitary circumstances

Solitary circumstances,

Gushing into a stream.

Sedate fading chances,

Mutations of the dream.

Sanguine once, ripe cherry red

Turning rusty and brittle..

Thickened by emotion my zestful blood

Stays still, strained into a trickle.

Countless questions ringing again

A pandemonium of sorts..

Rage, doubt, jolts and the rain

A rhapsody in parts.

Starry eyed, crystal clear,

Once inviting and enticing

Starry eyed, crystal clear,

Departing and deserting.

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A daily dose of ecstasy

Life’s strange
People come and people go
some stay.
Making their place in every corner
Blending in your life,
They become your defining color
Absorbed in your veins
Dictating a flow
Slowly seeping
A subtle feeling
Bit by bit
Changing you.
Like a dose of nicotine
making a place in that stream
Like the smell of fresh coffee
for a good day’s beginning
Like the breeze against your face
reviving a lost smile
Like the tune of your best song
to put your day to an end
When the mask strains
and the world drains
All you need is
that daily dose of ecstasy.

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