The Looking Glass

A ticket to the poet in me!

Solitary circumstances

A daily dose of ecstasy

read on! The title pretty much explains it!

Alternate forms of Happiness

When happiness seems to slip out of life, we start looking for alternate forms.


When its time to see the hourglass


Sometimes the same thing can seem completely different when looked at from different angles. Doors are one of those few things.


Silence is the best solution sometimes.


Some questions are hard to answer.

Sides of Reality

We live in a flashy and colorful world where the brightness can blind us so much that we forget there other faces to this world, so dark that we wouldn’t dare to enter them. What is real stares into our eyes making us wonder if its a nightmare or our lives were a fantasy.


No gist for this poem. Very few people will understand and when they do it’l be great for them.


A romantic poem full of love and magic and the intoxication caused by it…

Wickedly happy

Here I just tried a hand at writing some dark poetry, though its a happy… correction… wickedly happy piece of work!

The Hollow

This is how you’ll feel if you miss someone really bad..

Somebody should have told us

This is a poem inspired by the tsunami disaster that happened in India and neighboring countries on 26th dec 2004.These are the words of a six year old boy who lost everything in the disaster. In this poem I’ve tried a hand at writing in a way that a would express the thoughts of a child.


This poem is called “Eclipse”. Most of us like to signify light at the end of tunnel as a positive sign. How about an opposite take on believed notions, how about an argument against symbols of optimism…

how does it feel to be loved…

Nothing needs to be said about this poem other than the fact that one or the other day, each one of you will feel the same way…

can you let go?

all of us feel this way at some point or the other in our lives, that we are being chained, that we wanna break free… we feel something is holding us back, in one form or the other, and not letting us grow… guess its a phase and we grow out of it.


A lot of people just don’t live for themselves, they prefer to live a life where their only aim is to impress the world, not impress themselves.

The Paradox

Sometimes life just boils down to a big paradox and Murphy’s law suddenly seems like the most important theory i ever came across. Another strange thing that i understood is that we invite every morning with so much joy and call it fresh, but what about the fact that morning comes and shatters all our wonderful dreams…


What do i say about this… yes, we all have opinions… and that’s what this poem is all about!


Its dark…. and yes, its because i switched the lights off.

He was a driftless traveller

Sometimes we think we are reaching a goal but we may actually be moving in the opposite direction. I wrote this poem a while ago when i realized how a lot of times we look for solutions to our problems so aimlessly and start losing hope when we don reach somewhere without realizing that the very cause for us not finding that solution is our search for it.

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  1. dashingdeep says:

    Awesome dudette…u write so good keep it up 🙂 keep updating i will surely add u to my links.

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