A very good friend of mine, Vishal Thacker told me about Haikus… Before that i hadn’t heard of them and he said I should give a shot to writing them (by the way he writes very good haikus!)…

So what is a Haiku? Its a form of Japanese poetry (read more here) and consists of just three lines but we have some rules to follow here…

The first line has five,

With seven syllables next..

Five of them again!

Here are a few Haikus that I wrote:


My love

The wait



The chase

3 Responses to Haikus

  1. 42 says:

    it’s cool here today
    but these tiny words you give
    tingle my warm bones

  2. Akshay V K M says:

    Hi Divya,

    I just happened to stumble upon your blog. Like the “want” haiku. Seemed to have a deep meaning.
    Hope things are good at your end.

    Akshay aka AVK 😉

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